Golden Visa

The Greek legislation includes provisions to facilitate the stay of investors from third countries whose investments have been classified as strategic investments. According to these provisions, the representatives of investment firms and their partners are granted an extended time residence right. In addition, third-country nationals and members of their families who purchase real estate in Greece, the value of which exceeds 250,000 Euros can be granted residence permits.


A. Permanent residence permit for an investor

A residence permit for a renewable period of five years shall be issued to a third-country national who:

(a) He has lawfully entered the country with any entry visa or is a legal resident in the country.

(b) He personally owns, in full ownership and possession, real estate in Greece. In the case of a co-ownership of a property worth 250,000 euro, the right of residence is granted only if the owners of the property are spouses and tenants by the entirety. In all other cases of co-ownership, the right of residence is granted only if the share of co-ownership of each co-owner is 250,000 euro.

(c) He fully owns and possesses real estate in Greece, through a legal person whose shares are owned as a whole by the natural person.

(d) He has a ten-year leasing agreement of hotel accommodation or tourist furnished dwellings in tourism accommodation complexes

(e) He has a timeshare contract
The aforementioned third-country national may also be accompanied by the members of his family who are granted, upon their request, an individual residence permit which expires at the same time as the investor’s residence permit.

B. Granting and renewing a residence permit for investment activity

Third-country nationals are allowed to enter and stay in Greece in order to make an investment that will have a positive impact on national growth and on the economy. Depending on the size and the characteristics of the investment, up to ten third-country nationals, including investors, can enter and stay in the country for its implementation and operation.

C. Up to ten (10) third-country nationals per investment are allowed to enter the country if they receive, where appropriate, an entry visa (Visa D), when they are considered to be necessary to perform investments classified as “Strategic Investments”, following a decision by the Interministerial Committee on Strategic Investments.

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