Commercial Law

  1. Commercial Contracts law
  2. Commercial Companies Law
  3. Stock Exchange Law
  4. Company formation, transformation and corporate partnership schemes
  5. Domestic trademark and international trademarks and patents
  6. Intellectual property law
  7. Personal Data / GDPR
  8. Financial Law-Capital Market Law
  9. Competition Law
  10. Consumer protection law
  11. Industrial Property Law
  12. Securities Law
  13. Mergers and Acquisitions’ Law (M & A)

We provide legal advice and legal representation on issues regarding the entire life cycle of a business, whether it is SME or a listed company that has entered the stock exchange, from its establishment and operation to its dissolution, including the drafting of articles of association, shareholders’ agreements, the minutes of the board of directors, general assembly meetings etc. We always consider the advantages and disadvantages of the existing corporate forms and clearly explain them to our clients. In particular, we offer due diligence consultancy services to prospective buyers and sellers at all stages of the process.